1. Circular Dry Foam

Why Our Process Gets Carpets Cleaner For Longer

The best cleaning method found by a nation-wide consumer testing institute by far –


“Our research shows that the CIRCULAR DRY FOAM SYSTEM with separate initial & finish vacuuming really removes the dirt & keeps the carpet looking better for longer.” The CIRCULAR DRY FOAM SYSTEM had a very high level of soil removal (92.3 %) with little to no soap residue. It doesn’t involve harmful toxic chemicals that are oily or sticky. Our research furthered showed no soaking thru to the backing of the carpet – even on braided rugs – therefore causing no carpet damage at all. In addition to all it’s other advantages, this method is really recommended for people with allergies.

Carpets re-soiled in 12 to 15 months with the average @ 13 months. At 1 hour, the drying time is not even close to the standard 6 to 8 hours.

It is the method of the 21st century. STATE OF THE ART!