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Carpet Cleaning Testimonials

SECU Family House

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SECU Family House at UNC Hospital

Chapel Hill Carrboro

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Chapel Hill / Carrboro NC Chamber of Commerce

One of A Kind Carpet Cleaning lives up to its name in the very best sense. We had our house on the market and had our beige carpet steam cleaned.  I felt the result left a lot to be desired.  The carpet still had some discoloration, there were some stubborn stains and the pile felt stiff, not inviting. 

Then I learned about One of A Kind Carpet Cleaning and them do the whole house.  I loved the result.  Only one stain remained – and then David got that out, too!  The carpet dried much faster and it restored the soft feel of the carpet.  Former neighbors came by for a visit and the first thing they said when they walked in the house was, “Oh, you got new carpet!”  They could hardly believe that it was simply the seven year old carpet brand-spanking clean.  I will not let any other service touch my carpets.

John C. RobinsonRaleigh, NC